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Discussion about general topics.
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By gooeypenguin 31 mins ago
Chat about anything gaming related, no matter what platform!.
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By doriathefish Sat at 02:47 pm
want to recommend a feature you think would do good on this server?
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By Major 3 hours ago
Bugs on the Minecraft server
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By VeridisQuo 35 mins ago
want to be unbanned?
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By Kboomh20 5 hours ago
want a player banned? WARNING you must have proof
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By gooeypenguin 13 hours ago
An area for server supporters to chat with each other.
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By HissingTaco Jan 4, 18
Art, Videos, Screenshots and etc.
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By Fin 7 mins ago
Logging server updates since 2015...
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By ChampionTheIV Jan 9, 18
Staff Applications go here.
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By whwood 13 hours ago
clarifying the rules since 2017
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By AceClaude Thu at 04:53 am
When a moderators help is not enough. This is only for extreme issues, not for questions.
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By heyimiko o
heyimiko @ VindexCraft
4 hours ago
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Everything here is strictly roleplay. Keep everything here in-character!
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By elanham 19 hours ago
Advertise your in game company here!!!
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By SnowSquirrel 16 hours ago
Nothing posted here may be used as evidence against anyone. This thread is for illegal in-game activities such as organized crime.
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By Darkseid 6 hours ago
Fire requests go here
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By SayingsOrphan Fri at 12:55 pm
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If you own a news company, your news posts go here!
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By gamerboss84 Fri at 05:30 pm
Real Estate One Stop Shop
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All your questions about buying, selling, and owning a home on VindexCraft
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By jojokingcool Tue at 06:23 pm
Make sure to read the FAQ above first.
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By oOJollyRabbitOo Sat at 05:44 pm
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Official news and announcements.
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By disneyfan Sat at 03:54 pm
Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By RowletPugHybrid Jan 14, 18
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