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Breaking News | Resignation Of Police ChiefPolice

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vpd going to shit sorry not sorry

VPD will be fine, once everything gets settled it should go back to normal and continue to improve.
Let's be honest, things are only going downhill for Vindex in general. Let's make use of it while we can for the next few months.

Josh has a point.

Supreme it's been having ups and down since it's creation. No one has realized the cycle of time. Let time go on, then good and bad things will happen without a lot of people acknowledging it. Simple.

Just think of all the bad things that have happened to the server as a whole, and specific people. For example (directly to the shepherds) and how they lost their island. Yes, it was horrific for them at the time, but time went on and its been over a year now and most people forgot about it. After that, the Shephards disappeared.

Let's think of another one... Ameed and Atef leaving. It was sad to see, but in the next 2-3 months everyone will forget the tragic thing that happened, and the server will move on no matter what. The same thing goes for many other former mods. Yes there some people who acknowledge and remember them, but the majority of the people don't.

Let's think of another one... resignations and promotions of users on the server. Some of the ones that have happened have sparked hatred and disgust to some people. You have the many open letters presented publicly about the decisions made. People showing their opinion to others and creating a conversation. But haven't you seen that WHEN TIME goes on, everyone forgets about it and moves on? All those open letters fade away.

What about MrDotCom? "DONT UNBAN HIM HE'LL PUT THE COMMUNITY'S SAFETY AT RISK". What happened next? He was unbanned. Some people were happy, some people were angry. Time went on and everyone has forgotten about it this whole unban situation. This is how every situation goes.

You also got the situation of Bren's promotion and Sherlock's demotion. Most of the army hated Bren as GA, and questioned Sherlock's demotion, and why it happened. The situation stood around for a few months but after everyone forgot about it and moved on. Never to be mentioned again.

In the end, this may seem stupid and pointless to some viewers. You may not get the point I'm trying to get across, but all I'm trying to say Supreme, is that
time will beat whatever "downhill" you see in Vindex. The server will move along no matter what good or bad situation happens to it, or to the people. There have been so many unpleasant events that have happened in Vindex over the years, but there also have been the good ones as well. But you think the negative impacts on Vindex and it's players have stopped the server from running? No.

When time goes on, so do we. Most of us forget the past (with exceptions of 'those people' still remembering it), and we conclude to move on, without realizing it.

- Hockey_Man
Vindex Police Department - Chief of Police

Posted Mar 11, 18
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At this point in time, aDrewMagic has improved the VPD so much, it is hard to believe that even a big, surprise, hit such as this one would even SLIGHTLY affect the VPD.
Posted Mar 11, 18
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