IGN: AlmightyFudge

Age: 15

Timezone: GMT

How long have you been on Vindex?: Just over 3 years. (Joined at the end of 2014).

Do you have Discord?: Yes. (Fudge#3314)

Why do you wish to become a moderator?: I have been considering to make an application for a while but kept putting it off until I was ready to take on the role. After taking a break at the beginning of the year (Mostly due to IRL stuff) I believe I have changed as a person and think that now is the time to apply. I love to help people, I try to help whenever I can and there is only so much I can do for people as just a random guy and that becoming a moderator will allow me to help so much more than I can now. Back when I first joined it was the community and all the help and support I had starting that kept me playing after all these years and want to give so many more people this experience. All I want is to see Vindex as a server and its community flourish and want to do that however possible. I have an understanding of the rules that would allow me to effectively moderate the server in-game and on the forums. I am already a Moderator on the Vindex Discord (Although recently) I believe I could effectively use my moderation skills for the discord, forums and in-game. All I want is for people to have fun and be apart of a great positive community and being a moderator would allow me to do this.

Why should we choose you over anyone else?: Although having a break at the beginning of the year, before my break I was incredibly active and now that I have returned I am already incredibly active again both in-game and on the forums (Not posting much but reading a lot of posts and always having the Vindex site up whenever on my computer) and being a discord moderator not just for Vindex but other servers as well and moderating other servers in-game I have a lot of experience in moderation and working closely with staff teams. I always strive for improvement and have the skills and personality traits that allow me to be an excellent moderator. I am a very mature and responsible person who wants to make Vindex a better place than it already is. Nothing would get in the way of me executing my role as mod, such as treating everyone fairly and not letting my personal feelings on people and topics to get in the way which allows me to be as unbiased as possible. I will always help whenever and however I can no matter how hard, I don't give up easily so I always get the job done. I also have a lot of experience on the server, 3 years of playing has allowed me to learn the server and its changes over time along with its staff team, seeing what they do well and what they do wrong allowing me to do the role more effectively by factoring in what they did.

Have you ever been banned? And if so, why?: Never been banned or warned.

Please don't comment on this post as to not spam the thread. If you have any criticism with my application or any feedback at all, directly contact me elsewhere.