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Hello everyone im VonaldVrump and i just wanna let everyone know that im not gonna be as active as i used to be. Im sorry to the gangsters for not being as active anymore and not doing my duties as the leader that is why i will not be running in the next election. I just started working full time and will be traveling to LA and other places every once in awhile for work so i never know if ill be able to play or not on a certain day so that makes me very unreliable and i dont want to make plans and not follow threw with them. This is not me saying good bye but this is me letting everyone know i will be distant i've had great memories on vindex and i wanna say thank you to everyone even if we had beef thats what made it more fun everyone who plays help make vindex what it is today which is a great community and ill never leave fully but this is what i have to do. So if there is anything i owe you on vindex please let me know soon. Whenever i was bored and had no one to hangout with i always knew i could hop on the server and do something fun with someone on there and everyone is kind no matter what ive seen a good side of everyone. Once again thank you everyone for the great memories. :d
Posted Jan 6, 19 · OP
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I recommend, to ensure the gangleader is active, get a deputy gangleader or just pass gangleader to a good pick
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