Alrighto, so Libs are fairly common now, almost every time someone heads over to the prison you find yourself with one of them, or more than one.
So, a bit of an idea would perhaps be something that IonDABeast mentioned on the "Some new Ideas." thread.
Which is, have more roads leading to prison, instead of just that one WH bridge that everyone has to secure in a panic. Perhaps 2 or 3 ways of getting to the prison could be added. It just makes it a tad bit harder for libs to snipe a car down and just tommy gun the passengers which are officers.

And the second idea which i think might be good, is perhaps when someone is cuffed they get a blindness effect or something of the sort, that way they are unable to call up a lib in 2 seconds and just get them to bombard the officers car, it is unrealistic. When someone gets arrested IRL, they rarely get the chance to be on their phones in the back of a police car. So perhaps this doesn't completely take away their right to be in a phone call or something, but limits the information they can give out.

No other ideas are coming to mind at the moment, though. That's all for now, opinions and suggestions are more than welcome.