IGN: IcyHype
Age: 16
Timezone: US Eastern
How long have you been on Vindex?: I’ve been on vindex close to two years now. (two in june)
Do you have Discord?: Spin#3720
Why do you wish to become a moderator?: I’ve been on vindex for quite some time and i’ve seen how hard staff works to keep the server the way it is. I would love to be apart of the team that keeps this server alive and running. I love to work with a team I love the server and the people on it and I love to work so why not do all the things I love!
Why should we choose you over anyone else?: In the past i’ve owned my own server and co-owned at 200+ person. Sadly due to lack of funding we had to break the news to everyone that the server would shutdown. I haven’t felt at home on any server since then however i now feel that with vindex, and I know the pains and the costs to run a server and I would work hard and long to keep this server from dying!
Have you ever been banned? And if so, why?: In my first months of the server I abused a police trainer job and was banned, since then I have matured and haven't been banned for anything like that. I’ve also been temp banned for things like caps and spam.