IGN: SpooksOfOctober

Age: Fifteen.

Timezone: Eastern Time.

How long have you been on Vindex?: One year. (Joined website a bit later.)

Do you have Discord?: Yes. Aw3x#3280

Why do you wish to become a moderator?: I wish to become a moderator because I feel dedicated on improving this server. Being a moderator makes me feel more motivated to be more active and help. I can be mature sometimes, but I can get a bit frustrated, and swear sometimes, but I will attempt to override that. I also sometimes make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, mostly due to I type too fast, but I will make sure to avoid typing mistakes. Being a staff member can help my anxiety, and can encourage me to make the server successful as it can be. You can see me as a good player in the community, I try to avoid being toxic and encourage other players not to do so. I want every player here to have a good time, and that's my goal. If a player is happy, I'm happy. If everyone is having a great time, so will I. If this server becomes successful as it can be, I'm glad everyone is doing their hard work to improve this community.

Despite my breaks, one of my goals is to be an active moderator. I want to make sure everyone needs help from me, and I believe I can make the player base as dedicated to remain on this server.

Why should we choose you over anyone else?: I believe I can be chosen than the other applicants. I am a very dedicated person to this server and is willing to help and moderate. I play this server a lot and I know everything about it. I am ready to become a moderator to overcome my challenges. I believe that I can be very dedicated to my job, and I think this will give me more opportunities.

I had a lot of experience in past moderation and even administration. I have played Minecraft since 2011, first on the pocket edition. I owned a server in 2016, and had a decent player base, although the server didn't last long. I've been a retired moderator on some other servers. I can start my challenge again by becoming a moderator. I've had past experience in this server since January 2018. I was a bit of an idiot when I first joined, but as the time passes I have great knowledge on this server and the rules. I believe I can be improve the community, and I will, not try.

Have you ever been banned? And if so, why?: Banned for charge back (Refunding from the server shop) 3 months ago, but it was an honest mistake, and will make sure to not happen again. And for warnings, I have only gotten 2 so far. One for caps, around 7-8 months ago, and one for fail RP, not following the /rp command.

Thank you for your time for reading this application. I also wish good luck to the other candidates applying.