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MeganBoone For Godfather
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Hello, as many know I have been the Godfather of the Mob for about a month since the last election. I have come to the forums today in order to state my claim to the many members of the mafia on why I should continue to stay your leader. I would like to first say what a magnificent journey we have been on since last January, and how its been a privilege as well as an honor to be elected to just a high spot by many of my peers. I come seeking to continue my leadership due to the facts that under it, we have seen tremendous growth within the mafia as well as more organization in how we run our daily operations.

  • First off, I'd like to say I am someone who has been proven and will be active. Not only have I been able to oversee many of our organized efforts but also the fact that I have been able to offer the mafia the leadership it so desperately needed and has. For too long the mafia has suffered under inactive leadership and in doing so bread chaos within it, under my leadership, much of that chaos has come to pass.
  • Another point is that the mafia has extremely become a more organized effort than before. A lot of the problems before I assumed leadership was the rampant RDM on many Vindex Civilians, which further increased VPD efforts on us and just made us unappealable to many new members. Much of that RDM has stopped under my leadership and in doing so, we have seen an increase in our numbers.
  • Third, I'm someone who enjoys fun as well as professionality. I'm not someone who is a buzz-kill but I won't tolerate unprofessional behavior when we need it most. By making many of the mafia members more professional in their actions as well as pushing for more organized planning and new opportunities, I have found that we can create a rather enjoyable group.
    Thank you for reading this and hopefully we can keep the mafia a place of efficiency but also just old-fashioned fun.
    (I endorse Livi_Shepard for Warlord & ChampionThe4th for Gangleader)
Posted Mar 1, 19 · OP
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Posted Mar 1, 19
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