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These days staff has been getting a lot of S%#@. Quite honestly staff deserve our absolute respect, especially Dragon. Dragon was the man who made this server possible he has been doing his best to keep this server good and going. If you're going to complain about how things aren't okay then make a report to help him don't complain about how bad it is. Staff is trying to help and people really need to see that. I believe that the staff that is fighting hard to try and fix the server problems are he best kind of staff they should get more appreciation then what people are giving them.
If you have a problem with staff then report it on the forums. Don't complain about it in game because you're not getting enough attention. I appreciate staff and I have a high respect for them. They are only trying to help vindex and people who constantly complain aren't helping. Together lets support staff the best we can.
Let's give our support!~

Shout outs:
1. Elanham~ Elan constantly works to improve the server. He takes the time out of his day to get on and fix things. People might not like him but he really has done a lot. When people might not see that he really has
2. LaughingCoder64: Coder has constantly helped and made sure people are happy. He makes sure people are following the rules and tries his best when Elan is having a hard time.
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