IGN: Gekyumee_X
Age: 17
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
How long have you been on Vindex?: December 8th of last year.
Do you have Discord?:Yes, ItzDanYT#6089
Why do you wish to become a moderator?: Over the 3 months on Vindex I can see how some staff aren't really strict with the rules of Vindexcraft. I noticed a lot of people suiciding for NLR, mostly the crims, and I believe that it needs to be enforced really hard. I am strict when it comes to rules, I don't like seeing people break something or hop over something simple as a easy to follow rule. I also notice that not a lot of staff are online during my timezone, even though that is completely understandable so I want to be able to fill that strict and night needed moderator role.
Why should we choose you over anyone else?: I personally feel like I am the most active but once again I am very strict with rules and regulations and to me it personally feels like VindexCraft is a bit "shortstaffed". I can have a lot of fun on the server and joke around with everyone but rules come first to me as a staff member.
Have you ever been banned? And if so, why?: In my 3 months playing VindexCraft, I have never been banned.