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ShogunateGenius God this game has changed so much......I remember when the metro system was just little carts.
aSupreme endershadeow likes boys and that's undeniable fact

San Amaro Released

dragon_12dk a posted Jan 9, 18


dragon_12dk a posted Dec 31, 17

Happy New Year!

GrandDuke99 Missed the Pic 4 years in a row. Ah well.
Srodins I wish i could have been in the picture, glitch is keeping me banned maybe next year.
TheYoungNerd Have not missed a SINGLE new Years since I have joined. What a Wonderful occasion! Happy New Year to all! And to all a g...

On the road again

dragon_12dk a posted Sep 3, 17

added new RV Home, Armored car (not in use yet), new bus textures, new swat van texture.

Malembo Looks awesome, also epic textures, hope to see more success coming to vindex!
gooeypenguin Thas one good ol' lookin RV righ' there for the highway


dragon_12dk a posted Apr 12, 17

WobblyOrphan According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its...
OwenGrylls #PlaneHype , Oh wait they're already out #TRAINHYPE
Loopyy pretty
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