Purpose: Makes EMS safer when reviving a patient with dangers around them.

Article I:
If an EMT believes the area is too dangerous to revive someone they may request a law enforcement officer to tase anyone around the area that may be a threat.
Sub Article I:
It is required for a law enforcement officer to respond to the call.

Article II:
A law enforcement officer may ride in the ambulance with the patient IF requested by that EMT, however if the area is safe to transport the officer may choose not to ride along.

Article III:
An EMT may request securing around the ER if the area is deemed to be too dangerous.

Article IV:
If a player punches an EMT while they revive someone, they shall be arrested.

Article V:
If a player fakes an EMT call, that player shall be arrested for 911 misuse.

Article VI:
An EMT may mark anyone wanted if they:
-Make death threats to the EMT
-Attempts to murder the EMT
-Assaults/Batters the EMT